Stay informed about the location of your shuttle with our
real-time tracking

Stay on top of your travels with instant updates on arrival times and delays.


Download the Weego application

Download our application from Google PlayStore or Apple App Store. It's easy to use and optimized for all our features.


Discover Weego's features with our introductory guide. We'll show you how to find a driver in no time.

GPS activation

Activate your GPS to take full advantage of the Weego experience. We need this feature to locate nearby drivers.

First step with Weego

Take our guided tour to start your Weego experience

First step with Weego

Take our guided tour to start your Weego experience

Create your account

Click on Join Weego to create your account

Create your account

Create your account in just a few simple steps. Enter your phone number and receive a verification code to register.

Your profile

Easy access to your profile information.

Route view

View all your recent journeys on this screen. You'll find important details such as departure time, destination and status for each trip.

Route details

Get full details of your selected route. Consult the full itinerary, intermediate stages and estimated price to be well informed.

QR Code

When you're ready to get into a Weego vehicle, display your QR code on this screen. Our driver will scan it to confirm your identity and facilitate your boarding.

Need help using the Weego application?

If you ever need help using our application, please don't hesitate to contact us directly. We'd be more than happy to help you in any way we can!

General Questions

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